Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership

A business-related degree can open many doors for those looking to succeed in the fast-paced and competitive business world.Study when it’s most convenient for you through our exclusively online program. Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership (BSBPL) accomplishes that and more for students who want to enhance their career potential and understanding of effective business practices. It is designed for working adults and provides a combination of basic leadership theory and business managerial concepts to enable graduates to advance in their careers. It is also suitable for students wishing to start their careers in a business field where soft-skills, leadership potential, and experience are important. While similar, this program differs from a traditional business degree in that it assumes the student is seeking a general studies degree with an emphasis in the soft-skills and decision-making aspect of business. Students may take from 15 to 24 credit hours of practicum credit for either the ministry or marketplace in lieu of general electives. Whether interested in business management, church leadership, government, police/military or nonprofit management, you will be equipped with the biblical and practical principles to succeed as an effective servant leader in your career field.

Enhance your career potential and understanding of effective business practices.

Program Details

36 hours of major core
55 hours of general education
30 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 121

Sample Core Courses

  • Principled Leadership (BPLE 2123) — This course will examine patterns and styles of leadership in a business environment from biblical and Christian perspectives. Special attention will be given to the development of a leader’s personal life, including spiritual formation; personal ethics; decision-making; and integrating faith, learning and work.
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership (BPLE 3003) — This course introduces students to the challenges and impact of leadership within a cross-cultural framework. It examines cultural values, practices and patterns of communication that exist within various cultures, with an emphasis on cultural intelligence.
  • Management Concepts (BPLE 3203) — This course introduces the basic concepts of management and covers the fundamentals of planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizations. The course emphasizes application and includes a case study presentation.
  • Legal Concepts in Business (BPLE 3403) — This course discusses legal principles that apply to normal business transactions, contracts, agency, property, insurance and torts.

Foundational Concepts of Business

Professional Communications

Principled Leadership

Foundations of Information Systems

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Management Concepts

Financial Decision-Making

Marketing Concepts

Leadership Forum

Legal Concepts in Business

Leadership, Followership and Teamwork

Professional Leadership Portfolio

Market research analyst

Human resources specialist

Real estate agent

Insurance agent

Marketing manager

Personal financial advisor

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