2023 Summer Enrollment Sprint

Sprint Details


Start Date: May 22, 2023

Sprint 1: New Applicants | August 1

Sprint 2: Accepted to Enrolled | August 30

Sprint 3: Returning Student Registration | August 30


The winner of each sprint will receive $10,000 in digital marketing ad spend and creative support, guided by SEU Creative.

Financial Clearance Process

For students to be financially cleared, they must:

If the estimated yearly balance is not expected to be covered by federal and/or state financial aid, then students must satisfy the difference through one or more of the following options:

  • Establish a payment plan 
  • Apply and be approved for a private alternative loan
  • Use any previously declined financial aid (i.e. student and/or parent loans)


Registration for Fall 2023 classes is open!

The goal is to have as many students as possible financially cleared prior to August 1, 2023. While students are completing financial clearance, you are encouraged to:

  • Conduct degree audits to ensure students are progressing
  • Determine appropriate course offerings for your site.
  • Connect with your Academic Advisor so you can better assist/support your students with the registration process.

Additonal Resources


Sample Email


Congratulations on your acceptance to Southeastern University!  

You have completed PHASE 1: ADMISSIONS with us and now it is time to move on to PHASE 2: FINANCIAL CLEARANCE. It is important you take the following steps during the next few weeks so we can get you “FIRE READY” (Financially Cleared) so you can register for classes come April.

1.     Click on the Red “Accepted Next Steps” box on your acceptance letter and get started on activating all your accounts.

2.     Log into NetPartner as a First Time User, (ID: (ID #123456) and log in using your activated SEU email account.

3.     Complete the Pre-Registration Form 2023-2024. Attached is a helpful document that will come in handy during the Fire Ready process.

4.     Complete all financial documents in NetPartner located in the top left menu (My Documents).

5.     Schedule a Meeting with {SITE DIRECTOR) (add scheduling link) so you can begin picking out your classes and practicum for Spring! Select “Fall ’23 Advising”. 

Do you have any questions I can answer, [NAME]? Feel free to call, email, or schedule an appointment at the link below!

 Click HERE to Schedule an Appointment (Add scheduling link)


Contact Shawn Stewart at wsstewart@seu.edu