Marketing Material Request For Approval Form

Please complete this form to request review and approval of marketing materials. Once the form is submitted our team can typically get back to you within 3 business days with approval.

Why does SEU require approval for marketing materials I create for my site?
It is our goal to give you the freedom to use your programs’s unique brand and voice to promote your site, while ensuring that SEU is correctly represented through the materials you create. This is essential in order to maintain SEU’s brand standards & our accreditor’s promotional requirements. We understand that quick a turnaround is often necessary and make it our goal to get back to you (with approval or edits) as quickly as possible.

What needs to be submitted for approval?
Any materials promoting SEU’s partnership, degree programs, or using SEU’s logos will need to be submitted for approval.

How can I ensure my materials will be approved?
These are the primary items we take into consideration when review materials: (1) Use of the correct SEU partner site logos (provided by SEU Marketing); (2) use of the SEU partnership statement on marketing materials, (3) correct reference to SEU’s degree programs & accreditation. You can find a full breakdown SEU’s marketing guidelines here: https://extension.seu.edu/main/marketing/ (password: partners)

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