Creating a Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing strategy will help you define your audience and map out a plan for the year ahead. Download the resource below to get started on a marketing plan for your site.

Helpful Tips

  • Make it convenient.
    Make it as easy as possible for prospective students to come hear what you have to offer. For example, we you can host an info session or preview event directly after service to so that students & parents who are interested can attend.
  • Measure your Impact.
    Tracking expenses, time spent, and conversions for each initiative (ie. visit event, info session, campaigns), will help you see what marketing initiatives drive the most interest and help you recruit the most students.
  • Focus on Creating Interest.
    You don’t need to convince everyone to attend your site through one conversation (in fact, this isn’t very realistic). You just want to peak their interest enough for them to provide their contact information. Encourage everyone who stops at your event or website to fill out your inquiry form so you can provide additional information about your program after the event.
  • Get Volunteers to Help Recruit.
    Students currently in your program (or youth group) can be your best recruiters. Current students will provide the most authentic perspective of your program, which builds trust with prospective students. And if you have an awesome program, your students will love talking to others about it!
  • Give Out Promo Items. Students will love repping gear from your site. You can give these items out to anyone who stops to talk, or just to students who inquire. Want some SEU gear at your booth? You can order fun promo items like t-shirts, pennants, & other items here. We also encourage you to order SEU t-shirts for your recruiting team!
  • Create a Consistent Presence.
    Creating an engaging & consistent presence at your church is essential to building awareness for your program. This can be as simple as playing a promo video during service, setting up a booth in your church lobby every week, or hosting preview events for interested students. Be sure everyone on your team is well–informed and excited, and that you have plenty of materials to give out.
  • Follow Up.
    Creating an awesome experience for prospective students doesn’t end after your first point of contact. Following up with a personal email or phone call to students who expressed interest in your site is crucial. Find ways to systematize your follow-up strategy while still providing an excellent experience.
  • Tap into Student Resources.
    Not a pro on social media? No worries – your students are! Create a vision and have them brainstorm ideas and create content, whether it’s highlighting ‘a day in the life of a student, a practicum feature, spotlighting students in your program!