Master of Arts in Human Services

If you have a passion for leadership and for helping others, this program will give you the necessary education you need to make change happen in ways you never thought possible. This non-clinical program allows you to choose a specialization based on the types of organizations and people you would like to help. The success of human services agencies and organizations depends on professionals who serve in non-clinical capacities but possess a detailed understanding of the field.

By integrating the principles of the human services profession with biblically-informed values, you will develop administrative and leadership skills that will equip you to elevate and improve the lives of the people you serve. Studying full-time, you will complete the program in four semesters, or you can choose a pace that more conveniently fits your schedule. Upon graduation you will be prepared for servant leadership in a variety of human services settings.

Note: This degree program is an excellent option for students who wish to work in helping professions but prefer to take classes online. This program does not prepare students for state licensure as a clinical professional. 

This program will help you build a theoretical and experiential understanding of human services, giving you the knowledge and skills to empower others to become all God has called them to be.

Program Details

24 hours of major core
12 hours of specialization courses
Total credit hours — 36

Cost per credit hour — $495
Estimated total tuition cost — $17,820

Financial Aid

We have Financial Aid staff dedicated specifically to graduate students. These staff members can assist you with coordinating employer assistance benefits, church-matching scholarships, federal aid, private loans, and military benefits. Convenient payment plans are also available.

Sample Core Courses

  •  Contemporary and Historical Issues in Human Services (HUSV 5043) — This course provides an examination of past and present issues in the field of human services. It examines societal factors that have advanced the evolution of the field. Emphasis is placed on present-day topics throughout the various human services fields. It provides for examinations, trends and current challenges in non-profit management.
  • Integration of Psychology and Theology (HUSV 5203) — This course is a study of the contemporary evangelical efforts to integrate human services and theology, focusing on the value of an integrative approach to both disciplines. Topics include behavior, cognition, emotion and motivation.
  • Multicultural Issues in Human Services (HUSV 5233) — This course will examine the impact and effects that different cultural environments have on the human services professional, client, and the helping process. This course will also explore the cultural challenges that human services professionals can expect to encounter. Students will also examine the effects that past and present polices have had and have on multicultural issues.
  • Human Services and the Community (HUSV 5223) — This course examines the role of the human services professional in the community. Emphasis will be placed on public awareness, public and private community resources, community projects and public policy.


1-Year Course Plans

If you’re looking for a layout of all the degrees featured within in each program, please visit the links below according to the specific track selected.

Core Studies

Contemporary and Historical Issues in Human Services

Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services

Integration of Psychology and Theology

Program Planning and Evaluation

Multicultural Issues in Human Services

Human Services Practicum and Field Experience I and II

Human Services and the Community

Administration Specialization

Organizational Behavior

Human Services Administration

Organizational Leadership and Management

Group Development and Change in Human Services

Children & Family Services Specialization

Parent and Child Relationship

Child Development Ages 0–18

Children, Youth and Family Services: Policy and Practice

At-Risk Children

Christian Ministries Specialization

Managing Change and Conflict

Graduate Practicum I

Empowered Spirituality and Discipleship

Holistic Pastoral Counseling

Human or social services professional

Human or social services manager

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