VITAS Leadership Series

Southeastern University offers advanced training for leaders at VITAS Healthcare. Expand your leadership potential by enrolling in our VITAS Leadership Series, with courses designed exclusively for VITAS Healthcare employees.

VITAS Leadership Series

Southeastern University’s learning series for VITAS Healthcare employees provides academic credit opportunities for business leaders who seek a deeper understanding of leadership.


  • 4 courses (12 credit hours)
  • $500 per course
  • 8-week courses

Learning Series Courses

  • Principled Leadership
  • The Art of Self Leadership
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Leading for Innovation


Course Descriptions

  • Principled Leadership
    Spring A Term: January 9 – March 5, 2019
    Examine patterns and styles of leadership in a business environment from Biblical and Christian perspectives. Special attention will be given to the development of a leader’s personal life, including spiritual formation, personal ethics, decision-making, and integrating faith, learning, and work.
  • The Art of Self Leadership
    Spring B Term: March 6 – April 30, 2019
    Reflect on self leadership teachings from various authors and speakers. Students will contribute to the body of public knowledge regarding self-leadership. They will identify and develop the self-disciplines and behaviors that are essential for successful leadership.
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership
    Fall A Term: August 21 – October 15, 2019
    Investigate the challenges and impact of leadership within a cross-cultural framework. This course examines cultural values, practices, and patterns of communication that exist within various cultures with an emphasis on cultural intelligence.
  • Leading for Innovation
    Fall B Term: October 16 – December 10, 2019
    Review and reflect on leadership concepts that facilitate innovation. Students will communicate ideas regarding leading for innovation and will identify leadership concepts that complement the need for innovation.

Please note: SEU offers rolling admission, which means you can begin this series during any 8-week term.


For questions related to admission at SEU, please contact:

Katie Marki

For questions related to VITAS Healthcare, please contact:

Briana Justiss