Bachelor of Science in Worship Ministries

Future pastoral leaders with a love for the musical arts can combine their interests in SEU’s worship ministries degree program, offered through the School of Worship within the School of Unrestricted Education. The worship experience is significant in many ways, particularly in regard to its power to enhance community, inspire people in their devotion to God and provide an avenue for entry into the Christian faith.The BS in Worship Ministries fulfills the academic requirements for ordination in the Assemblies of God. This degree recognizes that potential and prepares pastors to engage the creative arts and incorporate music in a quality manner in the worship experience. The BS in Worship Ministries degree includes core studies not only in audio and production, directing and songwriting but also in theology, Bible, ethics and practical theology. An internship provides practical, hands-on experience in a ministry setting, and a required minor in church music further equips students with a solid foundation in aural and music theory, hymnology and music administration. Worship ministries majors graduate ready to make a positive impact in a church or alternate ministry setting as well as to pursue advanced graduate study in theology or another discipline.

Combine your passion for the musical arts with your mission as a pastoral leader.

Program Details

42 hours of major core
18 hours of a church music minor
6 hours of electives
63 hours of general education

Total credit hours — 129

Musical Abilities

All students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency in their chosen instrument or in vocal performance. This audition, which will be held prior to when the student begins the program, will determine which music classes the student will be required to complete prior to graduation.

Sample Core Courses

  • Worship Leading I (MUSC 2021) — This course is an introduction to the study of worship leading in a small-group setting. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the spiritual life of the worship leader as well as the musical and leadership skills necessary to lead a small group during corporate worship.
  • Music History and the Church (MUSC 3532) — This course is a study of basic styles of music history as they developed through the influences and needs of the Christian church.
  • Christian Spirituality (PMIN 2123) — The course is designed to help students understand and engage in spiritual growth and cultivate their personal relationships with God. The course addresses such areas as prayer, Bible study, fellowship, trials, the grace of God and the need to be obedient to God. Students will also become acquainted with various perspectives on spiritual life from the area of historical theology. This course requires careful study and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.
  • Pastoral Theology I (PMIN 3533) — This course is a study of the biblical materials as they relate to the pastoral ministry. The course includes an overview of the pastor’s call; the church call; the pastor’s personal life; spiritual formation; general administrative duties; and church, community and district responsibilities. This course requires careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.

Bible Theology and Practices of Ministry Core


Faith Integration Capstone Seminar

Christian Spirituality

Music History and the Church

Theology of Worship

Choose one of the following:

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Principles of Ethics
  • The Bible and Ethics
  • World Religions
  • History of Missions

Choose two of the following:

  • Holistic Disciplemaking
  • Pastoral Theology I
  • Church Planting and Revitalization
  • Homiletics

Choose one of the following:

  • Psalms
  • Hebrew Wisdom Literature
  • Old Testament History
  • Deuteronomy

Choose one of the following:

  • Luke-Acts
  • Johannine Literature
  • I and II Corinthians
  • Pauline Literature

Worship Ministry Core

Worship Leading I and II (plus labs)

Audio and Production Technology I and II (plus lab)

Creative Directing/Production for the Church (plus lab)

Songwriting for the Contemporary Church

Co-Curricular Worship Experience/Participation

Music Proficiency

Proficiency Exam – Piano/Keyboard

Proficiency Exam – Guitar

Church Music Minor

Aural Theory I and II

Music Theory I and II


Music Administration/Organization

Lead pastor

Associate pastor

Worship pastor

Church music director

Children’s music director

Music teacher


Technical director

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