SEU Extension Site Director Resources

Welcome to Southeastern University! We are committed to your success as an extension site of SEU and have detailed out the process of establishing yourself as a new site in a few easy steps below. Feel free to get started, and let us know if you have any questions along the way!

Our desire is to help you launch your site with as little stress as possible. By following these steps you will be sure to get your site off to a smooth start.

The letter of intent from the church starts the process of becoming an extension site. Before advancing to any of the next steps, each interested church should work with Joe Hepler ( or 954.805.1639), Director of Onboarding & Site Development, to establish a letter of intent. Following your receipt of your letter of intent, the university will hold an initial call and prepare documentation to ensure that the prospective site is approved. 

*Due to state authorization requirements, site should not begin marketing, including publishing a website, until approval is given by SEU.

Map out a plan of action for advertising your site to prospective students using a personalized enrollment strategy. This step will help you identify your unique markets and existing advertising tools in addition to other ideas on how to hold information sessions and follow up regularly with interested students. Helpful recruitment tools and templates will be made available as well. This will be done through the Office of Admission. The main contact for this step is Joe Hepler ( or 954.805.1639), Director of Onboarding and Site Development.

At this stage, you will interact with the School of Unrestricted Education to establish an academic plan for your site, including academic program(s), delivery (face-to-face vs. online), course schedules, faculty, practicums and operational items. The main contact for this step is Mike Cuckler ( or 863.838.6171).

Show off your site through brochures, banners, web pages, etc. The main contact for this step is Kennedi English ( or 863.667.5566), Extension Site Marketing Coordinator. Before contacting Kennedi regarding marketing materials & guidelines, sites must connect with Joe Hepler to set up a marketing strategy. You will also need to set a marketing launch date for your site in order to ensure all materials are complete and in compliance before launch.

Engage interested students by encouraging them to apply and submit the required documents.


Our standard business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate person through the link below. We will do our best to respond within one to two business days, if not sooner.